Sep 14, 2007

Booted By Your ESP?

All of a sudden, we’re getting lots of calls from people who were recently booted by their email marketing service (a very, very large competitor to MailChimp).

In this business, you really don’t want someone else’s trash. But a lot of these people seem to be innocent email marketers who made a simple mistake somewhere. Their complaint rates (and list sizes) aren’t even that high. What’s sad is that 9 times out of 10, these marketers could just tweak a few things in their campaigns to get back on the right track. But the ESP isn’t hearing any of that—they’re apparently just shutting them down ‘with extreme prejudice.’

Perhaps they took on too many customers, too fast. Our customer review process is pretty lengthy over here at MailChimp, and it’s always made me wonder how those guys got so many customers so fast, and whether or not it would bite them back. Guess things are getting dire over there, so it’s slash and burn time. What’s sad is their employees keep initiating live chats with us, pretending to be small business owners, when we can see their originating IP address plain as day. Sigh. I’m fine with competitive research. But for Pete’s sake, don’t do it from work, guys (same goes for posting comments to blogs).

Whatever the case, the worst part is that the ESP is just booting marketers, and not even telling them how they can improve their ways.

So here are some articles from the MailChimp Email Marketing Resource Center to help: