May 18, 2007

Blurb Books for Your Business

Here’s a cool service I stumbled upon over at John Jantsch’s Ducttapemerketing blog.

It’s called a Blurb Book. You upload photos and text, and they make a hardcover book for you.

Yeah, we’ve seen these things before, where you can build your own photo album online.

But Blurb looks interesting because it’s software you run on your computer. That should make it much faster and easier to build a book than uploading pictures to a website and typing text into little tiny form fields.


And John suggests interesting ways you can use these Blurb Books for your business:

  • Real estate agents can use them to make scrapbooks for clients
  • Home remodelers can chronicle their work on a project and make a portfolio to show prospective clients

Tons of possibilities for marketers:

  • Photographers – make a portfolio book
  • Graphic designers – make a book of all the logos you’ve done
  • Restaurant owners – make a cookbook
  • Non-profits – build an album from your latest fund raising event

More ideas at the Blurb Books website