Nov 22, 2011

Black Friday Templates and Tools

With Thanksgiving coming up this week, we’re all taking time to reflect on what we’ve got to be happy about and thankful for. And after all of that reflecting, eating, and napping is done, many people dust off their kevlar body armor, hockey helmets, grab their favorite spiked clubs, and put on their trampling shoes, all in anticipation of Black Friday.

In preparation, I’ll take a moment to highlight some templates and tools that can help you capitalize on the biggest consumer day of the year, and I’ll start with some templates.

First, a template styled specifically to this task:

Black Friday email template
The cleanly-styled Black Friday template.

You can find this template when you create a campaign and, on step 3 (template selection), navigating to ‘pre-designed’, then to ‘ecommerce’, where you’ll find the ‘Black Friday Sale’ template. You can then use the style editor to tweak the design to suit your needs, or just drop in your content and send away.

Maybe your users need a little more than just a product highlight, however. You can always sweeten the deal by sending out some coupons, using our selection of coupon templates:

A variety of coupon templates
Two of the fourteen available coupon templates.

You can find these guys in the same way: on step 3 of campaign creation, just navigate to ‘pre-designed’, and then selection ‘coupons’. You can use the style editor to customize the design however you’d like, and each coupon template also includes an example of our QR Code merge tag, which you can include to give users a simple way to redeem the coupon’s value using the Pyow! app.

Perhaps you’re looking for a template that’s a little more ‘seasonal’. If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered with our tons of holiday-themed templates:

MailChimp holiday templates
Thanksgiving-, Hannukah-, and Christmas-themed templates aplenty.

The holiday season is ramping up right now (or it’s running full-bore, if my local Target’s decorations are any indication), and we have lots of template choices available. We’ve also got a great selection of Christmas templates on the way, courtesy of our friends (and certified MailChimp Experts) at Creative Media Farm. Here’s a taste of what we’ve got coming from them:

Christmas templates by Creative Media Farm
It’s nice having talented friends.

Selling stockings from your shop on Etsy? A book on Amazon? Maybe your band has released its latest album of death metal covers of classic Christmas carols on iTunes, perhaps? You can use our Autoconnect templates, which automatically pull your data from these services, saving you some work and letting you send campaigns quickly and easily.

Armed with this arsenal, you can take advantage of the Black Friday frenzy, but be sure you’ve set up adequate defenses. Sandbag walls, trenches, and an anti-aircraft gun or two usually does the trick. You know how people can get.