Dec 22, 2008

Big Ass Report File

In the year-end MailChimp survey that we sent out, lots of people said they "wished for some kind of giant report that they could download, and then manipulate themselves."  We’ve already got this feature in place, and call it a "BARF" Report, aka Big Ass Report File.

click image to enlarge

When you’re on the MailChimp dashboard, just click over to the "Reports" tab.  Then just click on the big orange "compare campaigns" button on the left side of the screen.

Click the button to download a spreadsheet containing stats for ALL your campaigns, ever.  It’s chock full of all kinds of data, will let you run your own reports in Excel and then you can build just about any pretty graph you or your boss could ever want.

For example, you can even calculate the best day to send emails based on your previous campaign open rates.

Tell us what other kinds of innovative things you’re doing with your reports as well.  We love to hear from you!