Jan 8, 2008

Best Day Of Week & Subject Line for Email Campaigns

OrganicMailChimp customer Organic Dish was just showcased in this MarketingSherpa case study. They used MailChimp’s A/B Split Email Tester to find out what day of week was best to send, and what kind of subject line works best for their audience.

What I loved most about the case study was how Organic Dish had read from industry "experts" that Monday was the best day to send, but they were skeptical. So they ran their own A/B tests with MailChimp.

And with those tests, they proved the experts wrong. Then they ran even more A/B tests to learn what kind of subject lines worked best. They were surprised by the results…

Quotes from Organic Dish:

"We saw a 10% difference in open rates and a 15% disparity in clickthroughs in favor of Tuesday over Monday. In terms of sales, it was no comparison. We did a ton more business on Tuesday. While we are not going to stop testing other days, right now, we are sending our regular email on Tuesday.”

They also tested different subject lines to see if longer and "more descriptive" worked better than "short and intriguing."

o The Organic Dish: Now only 2-meal minimum order (47 characters)
o The Organic Dish: A New Way To Order (36 characters)

Which one do you think won? If you’ve read our subject line comparison study, you’d know the answer.

“We were happy to see [great] sales in the potentially quiet week of Thanksgiving with that subject line. We had approximately a 50% increase over our normal campaign.”

Here’s the full article:

Congratulations to Organic Dish for the coverage. Hope it sends a little web traffic your way (and some ka-chings too!).

MailChimp makes A/B Testing Easy.
One interesting thing to note: in all, 6 campaigns were sent out, but Organic Dish only had to build 2. MailChimp handled all the complicated list splitting, random slice segments, and A vs. B campaigns automatically, and behind the scenes. The only thing different they had to do was push this button:

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