Jan 14, 2009

Behavioral Marketing by Gender

Thinking about doing some behavioral marketing and targeting? It’s a topic that interests me, so I’ve been quietly following the "Behavioral Marketing" articles over at ClickZ. Much to learn.

Here’s a cool article on targeting by gender from Vicky Chen. I’ve quoted  some fun biological research (followed by my primitive manly takeaways):

"On a biological level, the most compelling theory to account for differences in the sexes lies in brain lateralization, or specialization of the two hemispheres. Developmental studies suggest that lateralization starts earlier in girls than in boys."

Women smart. Women like words. Reading good.
Men not smart. Men like pretty picture. Reading bad.

"As with most social research, biological explanations are only part of the story. Since males and females of almost any culture experience disparate socialization processes, the concept of gender-role identification is considered a major influencer in the development of behavioral differences."

Sometime woman identify with manly marketing. Sometime man identify with womanly marketing. That okay. Depend on how they grow up.