Jun 11, 2010

Battle of the login screens

Our designers have an internal battle to see whose login screen gets the most tweets. They started this after Linda did her Winnie the Pooh design tribute to A.A. Milne (which she hand-illustrated and water colored) and it got more attention than we’d ever seen before. Ron, head of our DesignLab, responded with his "May the 4th be with you" login screen, and it got 145 total tweets. He is the reigning champion.


Above is a photo of Ron’s wall, where the designers are keeping score. If you look closely, you’ll see evidence of  just how competitive these designers are. Someone filled in Ron’s username with "poop."

Cut. Throat.

But the latest WC 2010 – themed login screen, from our designer Andrew, looks like it’s going to be a contender:


Plus, there’s more to come.

We’ve come a long way since I was the only designer at MailChimp. This was my World Cup login, circa 2006:


I know, amazing right? Plus — and you’ll want to be sitting down for this — the little ball was actually animated. Eat your heart out, Google pac-man screen.