Jul 15, 2010

Batch Actions for Lists and Groups

More new functionality to announce in MailChimp v5.2: "List and Group Batch Actions." Yeah, sounds sexy, right? It’s actually something people ask us for on a daily basis, so this is pretty big.

You can now combine two lists on MailChimp with just a quick click:


and you can batch-merge members from one segment into another list…

So let’s say I want to host a tweetup or "MailChimp Customer Summit" in NYC, and I want to send an invitation and a free gift to nearby members of my list who are truly engaged, who use twitter, and who have lots of followers and friends:


Engaged subscribers on twitter

I’m combing our geotargeting functionality with our social pro add-on in the above screenshot.

101 people match this criteria. Decent-sized tweetup.

Then, maybe I want to copy them to an all new list called "NYC Invite:"


Note that I can also move them altogether to the new list if I want:


I can even batch unsubscribe or delete members from a list.

More features to announce from the v5.2 release, so stay tuned…