Sep 27, 2007

Barracuda Central Lookup Tools

Maybe I’ve been out of touch for too long, but I just now noticed that BarracudaCentral has made their IP and domain lookup tools available to the public.

Sorry if it’s old news, but this is totally new to me, and it’s very good news. Before, there was no way to really confirm whether or not we (as an ESP) were being blocked by Barracuda, or if one of our customers just sent some spammy content in their campaign. Barracuda has always kept their doors shut, locked, and boarded up.

Now, if we suspect a problem, we can just look it up (getting a reply from them will still require some work, though. Those guys are busy).

If you have affiliates (or even rogue marketing departments) who send emails with your company’s domain name in them, go lookup your domain and IP address now over at Barracuda Central to see if you’ve been blocked.