Stephen is the Product Manager for all things Ecommerce at MailChimp.

Making a Better Sign-Up Kiosk with Chimpadeedee

Back when we were prototyping Chimpadeedoo, our goal was to create a quick way to collect email addresses at a store register or event. After a lot of great feedback from our iPad prototype, we started building Chimpadeedee using Adobe AIR so it could be run on a desktop computer. This opened up the idea …

Introducing ChimpKit: MailChimp API Wrapper

Warning: This post is for API junkies and Cocoa developers. If that’s not you, feel free to move along—but be sure to tell your developer friends that MailChimp’s got something new for them. I bet you’re working on the next highest grossing iPhone or iPad app, aren’t you? Are you using MailChimp to keep in …

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