Lain Shakespeare is MailChimp’s corporate citizenship director. He manages MailChimp’s community investment and civic affairs.

What Equity Means at MailChimp

When I joined MailChimp 6 years ago after running a nonprofit organization, the vernacular of the tech world took some getting used to. I would read articles about other companies and one word kept coming up that surprised me: equity. The tech world loves to throw around the word "equity." I soon learned…

Cultivating Equity with MailChimp Community College

This week marks the start of MailChimp Community College in partnership with the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

Over the next few months, a cohort of 12 MailChimp employees will have the opportunity to think broadly about equity in our community. To explore what that means for a city like Atlanta, civic leaders, nonprofit executives, community organizers, and seasoned philanthropists will address topics like infrastructure and education, as well as intergenerational cycles of poverty. The cohort will graduate from the program with a better understanding of our city’s nonprofit ecosystem—and our company’s role in it.

Read This Summer with Alexander Chee, MailChimp, and the Decatur Book Festival

For the past 4 years, MailChimp has sponsored the Decatur Book Festival, a world-class literary gathering hosted right down the road from our Atlanta headquarters every September. Last year, we asked the writer Roxane Gay to curate a track of diverse, up-and-coming authors to appear at the festival. It was such a hit, we had to …

Investor Relations at MailChimp

MailChimp is weird in a lot of ways. One thing that makes us different from many other tech companies is that we don’t have investors. We’re privately owned, bootstrapped, and proud of it. We chart our own course, guided by our core values and the needs of our users. But one day a few months …

Scaling Global Forgiveness One Email at a Time

Archbishop Desmond Tutu and his daughter Mpho Tutu wrote the book on forgiveness. And earlier this year they launched a parallel initiative: the Tutu Global Forgiveness Challenge. During the initial three-month signup period, 20,000 people from every time zone in the world invited forgiveness into their lives, delivered via a daily email. Over the course of the challenge, …

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