Van is a delivery engineer at MailChimp. He helps make sure the good emails get to inboxes and stops the bad emails from going anywhere.

Delivery, Disasters, and Spammers

Hurricane Sandy hit the Northeast coast of the United States a few days ago. It caused massive destruction, unfortunate deaths, and a lot of trouble for people all over the world. While we don’t want to minimize what those living in the hurricane’s path have endured, we know a lot of you are talking about …

Major Email Provider Trends in 2012: Gmail Pulls Ahead

A year ago, we posted some nifty data about how many emails per month we send to major email providers. Archivists and aficionados can read the blog post here: Major Email Provider Trends Update: Gmail Pretty Much Caught Up We can neither confirm nor deny whether chocolates were involved in getting last year’s data published, …

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