Fabio is MailChimp’s email designer. He built the templates found in our app, created our Email Design Reference, and has given talks at the Atlanta Web Design Group, ConvergeSE, and Litmus.

Introducing MailChimp’s Email Template Reference

When first I started working at MailChimp four years ago, I had never even coded an HTML email. Sure, I’d been involved in web design since the late ’90s, but emails are a different beast altogether. The learning curve was steep, in large part because documentation on the "art" of HTML email was scattered at …

New Mobile Templates for v7.3

In this month’s v7.3 release, we’ve added a handful of new mobile-friendly templates into our template library. Mobile Templates for MailChimp release v7.3

Keep High-Density Displays from Uglifying Your Emails

High pixel density displays are becoming more and more common, with Apple’s Retina display available on the iPhone 4S, iPad 3, and now the MacBook Pro, and also showing up in devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. There’s no denying that these new-era displays are gorgeous, but they’re not without fault: high-density displays can …

33 New Templates for v7.2

For release v7.2, we’re adding templates designed by a skilled Atlanta web studio, along with a group of templates designed and built to work wonderfully on mobile devices. This is your monthly template rundown. Join me, won’t you? Templates for MailChimp release v7.2

36 New Templates for v7.1

[Insert witty opening sentence here.] For this month’s release, v7.1, the majority of the new templates being added in the library come from two very talented outside sources. Templates for MailChimp release v7.1

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