Drew is our lead mobile engineer. An Apple fanboy at heart, he’s also happily in charge of MailChimp’s Android development.

Pro Features and Quick Actions on MailChimp Mobile

Back in September, we introduced MailChimp Pro, our powerful new feature add-on for quickly growing MailChimp users with lists of 50,000 or more. Since then, we’ve explored some of the new features, and even showed you how we used MailChimp Pro to market MailChimp Pro. And today, we’re happy to announce that Pro functionality is making …

Making MailChimp for Apple Watch

Last month, when Apple unveiled their new watch to the world, my MailChimp mobile teammates and I immediately knew we wanted to build something for it. But we wanted to make it truly useful, not just an app for the sake of having one. New tech toys are fun, but we knew what we made needed utility and purpose. At first, …

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