Christy is MailChimp’s partnerships manager. When she’s not onboarding new integrations, she’s probably writing, cooking, or researching neuroscience.

Empower Your Small Business (and Save Money) With MailChimp Experts

We love supporting our small business users and empowering them to succeed. Sometimes it’s as easy as cheering from the sidelines. Other times, folks need a little more help. So back in 2010 we launched the Expert Discount Program. How does it work? Simple: If you need help with account setup, template design, testing, email marketing …

Announcing MailChimp Sync for Eventbrite

We’re excited to announce MailChimp Sync, an update to our integration with Eventbrite. Sync is one of the first extensions available in Eventbrite Spectrum, and it’s a direct result of MailChimp user feedback. When we launched our Eventbrite integration in 2009, it gave users the ability to easily send event invitations and see how well …

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