Meet MailChimp Embed – Simple and Controlled Delivery for Applications

Every once in a while we get an application that wants to do a deep integration with MailChimp. They’ve read our guides and decided that deliverability is way more than what they’ve signed up for. They just want to use MailChimp to send email on behalf of their users. Their needs are simple – just give MailChimp a list of email addresses, give it some content to send, and track stats – that must be what MailChimp’s built for, right? Well, no.

Measuring Deliverability

[Update from Ben: 02/08/2011] We wrote this blog post to show that current self-reported "deliverability scores" and "inbox rates" are hard to believe. You have to take the ESP’s word for it that they get "99% to the inbox". What we need is a truly independent scoring system that anybody can use to verify ESP …

Ewww, You Use PHP?

Lately here at MailChimp we’ve been trying to bring in more developers to help us keep the innovation coming fast and furious as the application grows in scope and scale. It’s always been difficult for us to hire really good developers, just because of where we are. Our office is here in Atlanta GA, not …

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