Ben is a co-founder of MailChimp. He draws monkeys.

AlterEgo Update: Instant Push Notifications

We’ve made some minor updates to AlterEgo, our 2-factor security service for MailChimp. The intent was to make the sign-in process faster using push notifications. Basically, instead of generating a code in the app, then typing that into your browser, AlterEgo users can now simply click the "Log in with phone" link…   …and we’ll …

MailChimp’s Subject Line Researcher

Ever struggle with writing your subject line? You might have missed a feature inside MailChimp that can help you with that. When you’re in the campaign builder, pondering which words to use, try clicking Research subject lines:

Advertise to your MailChimp List on Facebook

At MailChimp, we spend a lot of time (maybe too much) thinking about fun ways to delight our customers. So we make stuff like billboards, vinyl toy figurines, t-shirts, monkey hats for cats and easter eggs. It’s not about acquiring new customers, but just telling existing customers, "Hey, remember us? We love you." At the …

New: Trigger Emails From Website Traffic

Have you ever wanted to automatically send a series of emails to your subscribers only if they visited a very specific web page–or completed a very specific task–on your website?

New Feature: Conversations

When you send an email to your customers, some of them reply. And since you’re a good marketer who wants to deliver awesome customer service, you reply to their replies. You also think it’s cool if they reply to your replies to their replies (because this means they actually care about you, which is truly …

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