Aynn is MailChimp’s director of talent strategy. She spends her days obsessing over company culture. She spends the rest of her time raising teenagers and a small flock of chickens.

How Failure Is a Part of MailChimp’s DNA

At MailChimp, we’re big fans of storytelling as a learning tool. As a marketing automation platform for small businesses, we encourage our customers to share their challenges and successes with other users through our What’s in Store newsletter. Likewise, we challenge our employees to tell their own stories about work and life. While our customer …

How MailChimp’s Recruiting Team Built a Wall of Yes

For MailChimp’s recruiting team, nothing’s sweeter than calling up an awesome candidate and offering them an awesome job. We get to know all of our candidates through our sourcing and interviewing process, so when we make that call it feels like delivering great news to a friend. And when they accept our offer, we celebrate too, because it means we’ve got one more amazing colleague!

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