Ashley is MailChimp's employee happiness ambassador. She empowers us to learn, connect, and engage every day. Oh, and eat donuts.

The Evolution of MailChimp’s Coffee Hour

Maybe you’ve heard about MailChimp’s Coffee Hour, our Friday morning speaker series. It’s been a staple of our culture for years, growing and changing along with the company. In fact, the last time we blogged about Coffee Hour was all the way back in 2012. Back then, we had around 150 employees and almost 2 million users. We now employ more than 600 talented people who serve more than 15 million customers all over the world. In our spare time, we run ads about singing shrimp.

Five years later, we’re still inviting creative, interesting, weird, and thought-provoking people to speak at Coffee Hour.

Night School at MailChimp

One of the core values at MailChimp is creativity, so it’s safe to say I work with a lot of talented humans. When I heard my coworkers Meg and Jane talking about hosting a lettering and calligraphy class in the marketing studio, I jumped at the chance to turn their after-hours art party into an …

At MailChimp HQ, Happiness is Serious Business

“Hi, my name is Ashley Wilson, and I’m the employee happiness ambassador here at MailChimp.” It feels a little silly every time, but that’s how I introduce myself to new hires while giving them the tour of our office. We’re growing fast, which means that I lead this tour around our fancy new digs every 2 …