A New MailChimp Is Coming

We have a motto that guides our work here at MailChimp: Listen hard and change fast. We’ve been doing a lot of both in the past few months. Last year some curious patterns emerged in feedback from our customers. There was so much feedback relating to the mobile experience. Let’s be honest—mobile devices aren’t just …

Social Login Buttons Aren’t Worth It

There’s a strong case to be made that as Facebook and Twitter have amassed such huge user bases we should take advantage of the fact that so many of their users are already logged in and just one click away from entering your app. I know that argument all too well because I made it to my colleagues. We tried that experiment, and found that while there are some marginal improvements to login failure rate, they come with a price.

Social Plugin for WordPress Updated

Social, the WordPress plugin we created with the fine folks at CrowdFavorite, has just gotten an update that introduces some new features, improved performance, and a few bug fixes. You might recall that it’s a great way to connect the conversations that are happening on Facebook and Twitter about your WordPress content. Social aggregates comments onto your blog, and helps you broadcast to social channels when you blog. Oh, and it’s still totally free.

MailChimp 7.1 Rolling Out

We’re rolling MailChimp 7.1 out to all of our app servers right now. Soon you’ll notice a few changes popping up in your account.