Jul 30, 2013

Attentive.ly’s Micro-Targeted Campaigns

Ever since businesses and organizations started using Facebook and Twitter, there’s been an ongoing debate about the roles of email and social. As social channels change and tweak their algorithms, some businesses are noticing that, more than ever, email gives them a powerful and consistent link with their audience. Even so, you won’t hear us talking about the death of social anytime soon. All the ways that you communicate and interact with your audience are important. Facebook and Twitter help you build relationships and get to know your fans, followers, and subscribers even better, which in turn makes it easier to talk to them like humans in your email campaigns.

As many of you know, we’ve got several features built into MailChimp to help unify your email marketing and social media efforts. Add a signup form to your Facebook page, automatically share your campaigns across your networks, and, of course, track the reach of your campaign across social channels inside your MailChimp reports. We recently introduced an integration with Twitter’s Lead Gen Cards, so your Twitter followers can subscribe to your email list with one click. And today, social dashboard Attentive.ly is launching a new integration with MailChimp.

Attentive.ly is a social dashboard that gives customers an overview of their audience’s content and activity across channels like Twitter and Facebook. You can use Attentive.ly and MailChimp together to find segments within your list that are interested in key topics or ideas that are also important to you. Then you can sync those segments back to MailChimp to create micro-targeted campaigns with content that’s especially relevant to that audience.

I used the Atlanta Rollergirls list as a guinea pig to test the integration. Here’s what I did:

First, I imported our list from MailChimp to Attentive.ly.

Then I set up terms I wanted to watch for. I was curious about a few things, like how many of our subscribers are also fitness-minded (meaning they’d be interested in roller-derby style fitness bootcamps), and how many are real sports fans (and thus would love to know more about the strategy and game play involved in playing roller derby at a national level).

Attentive.ly starts gathering data at the time of import and doesn’t pull in past information. After letting it monitor my watched terms for a little while, I logged in to see what it had found.

I got some interesting insights. Turns out, our subscribers aren’t talking much about fitness or working out. However, we did find a group within our list that’s talking about sports in general, and another that’s specifically talking about roller derby. This is a segment that might be particularly interested in content from us about game strategy and how our all-star team is performing during the playoffs.

Now, all I have to do is click the MailChimp button under Export, and send these segments to my account.

One thing to note here is that you’ll need to create a list in MailChimp called attentively-export. Attentive.ly sends your segments into this new list in your account. If you’d rather have the segment added to your existing list in MailChimp, just export as a .csv and upload as a static segment in the MailChimp interface.

In this case, listening to our subscribers is helping us reduce irrelevance on our list. We’ve got lots of interesting stuff to talk about, and Attentive.ly helps us find the people on our list who will also find that content interesting, so we can engage them without irritating the rest of our readers.

Attentive.ly pricing scales according to the number of contacts in your account. Monthly fees start at $75 (billed annually), but for the first 50 MailChimp users to sign up, Attentive.ly is offering $500 off. If you want to learn a little bit more about Attentive.ly, check out their MailChimp & Attentive.ly webinar tomorrow (Wednesday, July 31) at 1pm.