May 10, 2005

Are your emails Phish-y?

Istock_000000555755_l1If you send transactional email through MailChimp (such as receipts and customer account information), you need to make sure your emails look totally legit, by not doing the things that scammers typically do.

Trust-e and Ernst & Young recently
published a nice whitepaper discussing some practical do’s and don’ts about this very topic…


Some of their tips:

  • Don’t request personal information from customers directly from an email hyperlink.
  • Don’t use “click here” hyperlinks.
  • Merge names from your database into your emails. Instead of "Dear sir," say, "Dear James" or "Dear James Smith"
  • Don’t use long URLs or complex links. Scammers do this to conceal the true location of their servers

Get the whitepaper, "How Not to Look Like a Phish" here (524k PDF)

And here are some actual examples of how phishing scammers have
posed as SunTrust bank, Washington Mutual, eBay, Citibank, and more…