Jul 9, 2010

Are you ready for the Like button?

monkey-likeAccording to this article, nearly 65 million Facebook users "Like" things every day.

After Facebook turned that old "Become a fan" button into a simple "Like" button, then made it a social plugin that anybody could install on their website, well — everybody started installing it on their websites (and here’s a nice explanation for that). Christopher Heine reports on Clickz how this change from "fan" to "like" has helped at least one industry double or triple their fan base.

If you’re thinking "Sigh, whatever. I’ve already got the social sharing widgets plastered all over everything I do" that’s a great start. But this is different. Facebook is using all this Like activity to power their own semantic search engine, which some say should make Google worried (actually, they’re trying to say it’s an all out war). Did you get that? Facebook’s building a semantic search engine powered by Likes. If you’re not already thinking about adding that "Like" button to your website, blog posts, or email campaigns, you should be. This reminds me of the early days of web design, where everyone got an SEO for Dummies book, because we all wanted our websites ready for Google. And we’ve even delved into explaining SEO ourselves. Is your website ready for Facebook? Your blog? How about your emails?

In MailChimp v5.2, which is launching early next week, we’ll be introducing a new merge tag that integrates the Facebook Like button into your email campaigns (no iframe code to worry about breaking). You’ll plop in a simple merge tag, and it’ll just work. We’ll also track how many "Likes" your campaign got inside your MailChimp stats. Here’s a sneak-peek video. Stay tuned for more news about the launch, and all our other upcoming features.