May 1, 2007

Are You On The Safelist?

I’ve been using Apple Mail (the free email program that came with my laptop). The main reason I love this program is its spotlight search feature. I don’t have to worry so much about folders and sorting old emails. I just search, and it’ll find emails from years ago, no matter how obscure.

Anyways, the spam filter isn’t as powerful as I’d like in Apple Mail. So I downloaded an add-on called SpamSieve. It requires a little training (you have to teach it what’s spam and what isn’t), but now it’s been great.

I just noticed something in SpamSieve’s "Preferences" area: they use the Habeas Safelist. Are you on the safelist? Know how to get on it? Is it worth it? Are there other safe lists out there that you should be on? Which ISPs and spam filters use which lists?

Learn more about Habeas and email certification here.