Mar 25, 2009

Archive toolbar for campaigns

Another feature that’s launching in MailChimp v4.1 is something we’re calling the "archive tool bar." Whenever someone visits your campaign’s archive in their browser, there’s an optional toolbar at the top of the screen:


Your subscribers can use the toolbar to:

  • Share your campaign on Digg, Facebook, MySpace, Delicious, etc., (we’re using ShareThis)
  • Subscribe to your list (useful if the email was forwarded to them)
  • View past issues (we’ll point them to a list of your recent campaigns sent to that list)
  • Translate the email to over 30 different languages (using Google Translate)

This is a free feature, and is optional.

To enable the toolbar for your campaign archives, click "List name & defaults" under your list’s settings:


then check this box:


You’ll notice that a lot of the functionality for the archive toolbar is aligned to the right. That’s because we’ll eventually be adding more (really, really cool) functionality to the left side of the toolbar down the road.