Apr 2, 2011

April Fools around the MailChimp office

Last year on April Fools day, I came to work and discovered my office was filled with monkeys. That was actually kinda nice. In fact, I kept it that way for a while. Still, this year I made sure to lock my door. So the pranks were focused elsewhere. Thought I’d post a few pics…

A couple desks were wrapped in aluminum foil. Okay, "wrapping things with other things" isn’t that original, but you gotta admit the arrangement is quite nice.


Whenever we get furniture for the office, and we leave large amounts of packaging lying around, fun things happen. Last week, we got little filing cabinets for everybody. As an aside, my co-founder and I never thought we’d need these things. We try to minimize paperwork as much as possible around here. Turns out people want filing cabinets for all their stuff. Like nerf gun ammo. Any-hooo…

In order to get our cleaning crew to get rid of the packaging fast, our office manager bagged up all the styrofoam in nice, convenient little garbage bags. Which made it really easy to cover her desk with them.


All the scissors in our office (every single one of them) were locked with zip ties.

How’s that a prank?

Because somebody switched all the monitor, keyboard and mice cables in the office with their neighbor’s.

And then they zip tied those cables so that they couldn’t be switched back:


Finally, somebody switched around all the "m" and "c" letters on our keyboards:

Slightly important letters when you work at "MailChimp."

There were other great pranks, like how our late crew barricaded our IT guy’s office with desks and other furniture (so funny how he used our office security cameras to catch the culprits, too).

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