Feb 20, 2006

Apple Entourage HTML Email Bug

We noticed a weird bug in an older version of Apple’s Entourage, and how it displays HTML email. The bug is gone in the latest version of Entourage 2004, but we thought we’d post the weirdness, just in case you come across it with one of your newsletter recipients. Here’s what happens…

It happens if you send an HTML email with nothing but text and hyperlinks. Let’s say you just wanted to code a typical "news alert" email with a list of links to articles. No fancy graphics, or anything. Entourage v.X will strip the hyperlinks out, and actually display the URL next to your links.

Here’s what it should look like, as seen through MailChimp’s preview window:


But here’s how it came through in Entourage v.X:


Ready for the weird part?

If you just add a graphic to the email, or a <TABLE>, then the links work correctly. Here it is again, after we added a graphic to the code:


Like we said, the bug’s gone in Entourage 2004, but some people out there (yours truly) still use the old version.

It’s something to remember if you ever want to send an email that looks like plain text (because some people like those better), but you’re coding it in HTML email for better formatting. Some people do that for news alerts, or transactional emails, just to keep things "lite."

At least throw in a small logo, or use a table to structure your layout.