May 20, 2008

API Upgrade – Pass Content To MailChimp

We just added some new functionality to the MailChimp API. We also totally revamped the API documentation, so users can post and share notes with each other.

The new API has a number of improvements, namely:

  • Ability to pass content to MailChimp for delivery
  • Ability to schedule campaigns
  • Ability to send test emails

MailChimp has always allowed you to use our API to seamlessly sync list data and campaign stats back and forth with your server. But passing content was the "missing link" in our API. No more!

You focus on content, we handle delivery.
So if you code a CMS, or run an internal publishing system, you can now build content and designs (the fun stuff) on your system, then pass it off to MailChimp for the delivery and list maintenance part.

If you’re not a programmer, and you don’t have any programmers on staff to help you with our API, you can hire a MailChimp Expert here.