Feb 12, 2007

AOL Email Delivery Tips

Frank, straightforward tips from Al Iverson on how to deal with AOL delivery issues.

Lots of great tips. In a nutshell, he lists "three primary things that cause delivery issues when sending email to AOL:"

  1. You’re not whitelisted,
  2. Your bounce handling is broken, or      you’re not looking at bounces; or
  3. You’re generating too many complaints      or too many bounces.


At MailChimp, here’s how we help you deliver your campaigns to AOL recipients:

  1. First and foremost, we do everything we can not to piss off AOL.
  2. We automatically clean bounces from your list. If you keep sending emails to bad addresses (whether AOL is the ISP or not) you’re going to really piss off that ISP (see number one)
  3. We automatically remove any recipients who report your email as spam (we do it with their feedback loop). When they click on AOL’s "Report Spam" button, we get a copy of the email, we scan it for the sender, and we remove the recipient from the sender’s list. If the email is suspicious in any way, we contact the sender.
  4. We now offer dedicated IP addresses to qualified customers. With a dedicated IP address, you can apply for whitelisting status, email certification, setup authentication, and other things that lead to better deliverability. Contact us for more information.

Tip o’ the chimp hat: Found the article over at Tamara’s Email Marketing Best Practices.