Apr 23, 2014

AOL Changes DMARC Policy

A couple weeks ago, Yahoo changed its DMARC policy to stop fraudulent emails. In response, many email receivers started bouncing emails with Yahoo.com From addresses sent from non-Yahoo servers. Yesterday, AOL announced the same change to its DMARC policy, and we expect to see similar results.

Like the Yahoo change, this will only affect senders using an AOL.com From address. The solution is also the same: We recommend using a custom domain for your From address instead of AOL.com. If you need help registering a new domain or setting up email addresses, please contact a web developer.

In addition to changing your From address in campaigns, we also recommend changing the contact email for your account and user profiles. This will ensure MailChimp features, like Conversations, continue to deliver email on your behalf.

It’s only a matter of time before other ISPs, such as Gmail and Hotmail, make similar changes. So switching to another freemail provider is like hopping stones in a smoking volcano: You might find some temporary solace, but you should instead focus on getting out of the volcano. Using your own domain will prevent future deliverability issues caused by sudden changes made by ISPs.

As with the Yahoo update, we continue to support ISPs who change their DMARC policies. Adjustments have to be made if we want to move forward in the fight against spam.