Aug 26, 2010

Another Way to Use Segments

You probably already know that MailChimp has lots of ways to segment your lists and send a targeted campaign, but did you know you can also create a segment under the lists tab?


By creating a segment under lists, you can see everyone who fits a certain segment’s criteria without having to create or send a campaign.

Here’s how you do it:

From the lists tab, select your list and view all members.  Then, select "segment".


Choose which criteria you’d like to segment by.  For example, the subscribers on your list who also use Twitter.


Now you can download the segment to your computer.


From there, you’ve got some pretty nifty options.

For example, you could decide to create a new list from your segment to send exclusive regular content to a targeted group.  Reward people who follow you on social networks with an extra coupon, or offer free shipping to customers in your zip code.

Or, segment based on activity level and remove inactive members from your list, so you can keep your list as current and engaged as possible.


Creating segments from the list tab provides you with even more insight into your subscribers and allows even more opportunities to reach them.

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