Mar 23, 2015

Announcing MailChimp Sync for Eventbrite

We’re excited to announce MailChimp Sync, an update to our integration with Eventbrite. Sync is one of the first extensions available in Eventbrite Spectrum, and it’s a direct result of MailChimp user feedback.

When we launched our Eventbrite integration in 2009, it gave users the ability to easily send event invitations and see how well those campaigns performed in terms of overall ticket sales, subscriber RSVPs, and a few other metrics. But users let us know that they wanted to connect with attendees beyond that initial sale. And they wanted to create a sense of community around their events. To do that successfully, they needed an easy way to sync data between systems and an ability to segment based on that data.

Well, ask and you shall receive! This is the problem Sync was designed to solve. Here’s how it works:

install MailChimp Sync

After you’ve installed MailChimp Sync, you can sync attendees from all events or from just a few select events. If you change your mind later, you can change the setting.

sync attendees


After selecting the event(s) to sync, select the existing list to which they should be sent or create a new list. Then start syncing.

select MailChimp list

Once Sync is all set up, when a new event signup occurs for a specified event, the system will automatically add that attendee to the selected MailChimp list.

We’ve looped eCommerce360 functionality into the extension, so each RSVP gets handled like a purchase in MailChimp (even if it’s a free event). This ensures that RSVP history gets passed along into subscriber profiles in the synced list. And it means that any segmenting you do by purchase activity and signup source can now be used with Eventbrite data. So in addition to sending subsequent event invites, you can tell attendees about last-minute updates for an event they’re attending, send VIP entry instructions, follow up an event with a quick thank you, or even trigger automation workflows.

segment purchase activity

And we’ve got more features coming soon.

To get started with MailChimp Sync for Eventbrite, install the app and learn more in our Knowledge Base.