Jul 8, 2013

An All-New MailChimp Mobile App

We just underwent a massive redesign of MailChimp to make it mobile friendly and work well across multiple devices. Now, we’re happy to introduce completely rebuilt versions of MailChimp Mobile for iPhone and Android. Here’s what’s new:

Design update

We updated the UI to reflect New MailChimp. You can see an example of this new design language in the icons used throughout the app. Overall, MailChimp Mobile looks flatter, cleaner, and familiar. We also streamlined functionality to match users’ behavior on mobile, as opposed to desktops, for the app.

If you’re on an iPhone, you’ll notice a new navigation at the bottom of the screen. This is because even though smartphones are getting taller (and turning into "phablets"), our thumbs haven’t yet evolved to reach the tops of those screens. The new nav is easy to access when you need it.

Global search

A  while back, we launched an extremely powerful search service inside MailChimp. You can read about it here, but the idea is that we heard from our users that they were basically using MailChimp as their "de-facto CRM," which was an entirely new paradigm for us. The new search is a step towards adjusting to that paradigm. Search is available throughout MailChimp Mobile, so you can quickly find information about people and campaigns.

Lists and subscribers

There are a few new ways to view your List growth and subscribers in the new MailChimp Mobile.

Want to see how many subscribers you’ve received today, this week, or even in the past month? Quickly find out by filtering your list stats with MailChimp Mobile’s new list filters. And if you have groups set up for your list, you’ll be able to look through subscribers in those groups by tapping "Subscribers by Group."

We also added a mobile feature that helps you see if any subscribers are near you. It’s really cool if you’re traveling, and you want to treat some of your local customers to dinner or a drink. Just pull out MailChimp Mobile, pick a list, and tap "Nearby Subscribers." We’ll show you all your customers within a 25 mile radius.

Once you get to a subscriber profile, you can look through that person’s activity. Actions like opens, clicks, and even purchases for any subscriber will show up there.


Since we first started dabbling with mobile in 2008, it seems not a day has gone by without someone asking us, "when can we send campaigns from our phones?" That has always baffled me. I just can’t imagine someone designing and building a newsletter from such a tiny screen. In the past, we recommended our Email Beamer feature to send simple messages to customers.

But tablets have changed things. It’s not so crazy to design and build a campaign on your iPad Mini or your Nexus 7. And as our customer base has grown, we’ve seen how larger companies need their teams to collaborate (and that collaboration happens across multiple devices).

With that in mind, we’ve added a Campaigns section to MailChimp Mobile, so you can easily proofread and tap "send" from the smartphone.

Of course, you won’t be able to send unless you have the appropriate user permissions.

Multiple users and permissions

You may recall that we launched multiple users and permissions in MailChimp earlier this year. It allows you to set up multiple sub-accounts, and that functionality has been extended to MailChimp Mobile (thanks to our API v2).

Note: This change will require you to log back in to MailChimp Mobile after you update.

Available now

MailChimp Mobile is available now for iPhones running iOS 6.0+ and all 4.0+ Android phones and tablets.