Jan 8, 2014

AlterEgo Update: Instant Push Notifications

We’ve made some minor updates to AlterEgo, our 2-factor security service for MailChimp. The intent was to make the sign-in process faster using push notifications.

Basically, instead of generating a code in the app, then typing that into your browser, AlterEgo users can now simply click the "Log in with phone" link…


…and we’ll send an instant push notification instead.  Here’s what the push notification looks like:


All you have to do is open the app and tap "Approve:"

Your browser will refresh and you’ll be logged in.

Of course, you can still do things the old way, by opening the AlterEgo app, generating the code, and then plugging that into your browser. But we think you’ll find this approach much more convenient and reliable than SMS.

If you don’t have this app on your smartphone (or don’t have a smartphone at all), then when you choose to "log in with phone," AlterEgo will send you an SMS message. 

Design Refresh

While we had the hood open, we thought we’d give AlterEgo a design refresh. It’s inline with all the mobile-centric redesign work we’ve done elsewhere in MailChimp, but it also drops the intro animation and sound effects. It simply opens up and immediately generates your access code, so you can get what you need and go right back to work. If the sword-schwing sound effects were important to you (like if you’re a viking, ninja, samurai, or education researcher), don’t worry: that option’s tucked behind the "settings" icon in the top right corner.

If you’re interested in security and MailChimp, here are some other updates we’ve announced (and you get a gold star!):

* AlterEgo works nicely with Google, Duo Security, and Toopher.

* We offer a discount to customers who use AlterEgo.

And keep in mind all these other security options:

* You can receive text alerts whenever someone logs into your account, or an API key is generated, amongst other things.

* You can divide up email permissions in your company with multi-user accounts.

* We wrote this Email Security guide, if you really wanna get down to business.