Feb 15, 2012

AlterEgo News: Safe sender discount, and Ruby gem for developers

AlterEgo Security App

Two quick announcements about AlterEgo, our free two-factor security app that protects your MailChimp account even if your password’s been stolen:

  1. We recently announced a 2% discount for any MailChimp user that activates AlterEgo. Think of this as sort of a "good driver discount" you’d get from your insurance company. We’d like to reward people for being good, security-conscious netizens, because we benefit from it too. Details about the discount are posted here.
  2. Brian Getting of Terra-Firma Design has created a Ruby Gem for AlterEgo. For those who don’t know, AlterEgo has an API that allows developers to add 2-factor security to their own web apps. Thanks again, Brian! (Terra-Firma also built this Shopify integration for MailChimp users)

If 2-factor authentication’s not for you, here are some other security features built in to MailChimp that you should activate.