Apr 5, 2007

AlohaCoconut.com’s Easter Egg Hunt Campaign

MailChimp user Aloha Coconut’s "Easter Egg Hunt" campaign caught our eye. It’s a creative, simple-to-implement idea that anybody can use on their site: hunt around for Easter eggs, and get promo codes that you can use for discounts on Aloha Coconut products. And you get a free Luau ducky with every order? This is too good to be true!

You’re already looking for eggs in that picture below, aren’t you? Not there—you’ll have to go to AlohaCoconut.com. And you’ll have to do it by 8pm today. Pink (15% off) was the best I could find while clicking around their site. Kudos to them for also using a blog for their marketing.

Here’s what their campaign looked like (they modified one of MailChimp’s built-in templates):