Apr 6, 2006

AIM Reports – Take action with your MailChimp campaign reports

We’re pretty excited (in that nerdy kinda way) because we just launched an add-on to MailChimp, called AIM Reports.

AIM stands for "Actionable Intelligence and Metrics." Basically, it super-charges your standard MailChimp campaign reports by letting you see who opened your emails, which URLs they clicked, how often they came back, and more.

What’s really nice is that these aren’t just a bunch of, "hmm, that’s nice" kinda stats. You can actually download these reports to Microsoft Excel, and send them to your sales team so they can take action.

Anybody can use AIM Reports, but we created them  especially for our users who send very targeted email campaigns to their key clients. Stuff like invitations to webinars and events, or special promotions. It’s extremely powerful for customers who use their own CRM in conjunction with MailChimp’s "externally managed list" option to send highly segmented campaigns to their customers.

  • AIM Reports let you know if a certain recipient opened or not, and what he clicked on.
  • You can view "Who opened this URL" to see which clients were interested in a certain whitepaper or product on your website.
  • Drill down deeper for a day-by-day activity report for each customer (see screenshot).
  • Print reports in Microsoft Excel format, and hand them to your sales team to show them who’s interested in what.
  • Download reports of who didn’t open, so you can send a followup campaign, or contact them through another channel.

Click here for more information and screenshots…