Nov 15, 2011

MailChimp Mobile App for iPhone and Android (v2)

Great news: we just launched MailChimp Mobile v2 for iPhone and Android. The app has been totally re-written from the ground up. Its design now more closely matches our recent re-branding, and it has some nice new features pulled in from "MailChimp proper":

Better reports:

  • shows tweets and retweets of your campaign
  • see opens by location
  • track eCommerce orders (warning: highly addictive)
Improved lists functionality:
Miscellaneous enhancements:
  • supports multiple MailChimp accounts
  • passcode lock screen for security
  • log in with API key and phone’s camera (especially handy for our Google Apps users). Only supported on iPhone for now, but Android coming soon.
  • Android app has support for widgets, and iOS has a "report card view" for your 5 recent campaigns
Install it free:


Most importantly, the first version of MailChimp Mobile was outsourced (to a great mobile dev group, but still – it was outsourced). Since then, we started an in-house mobile lab. And now that they’ve re-written this app from the ground up, we’ll be able to iterate a lot faster on it.

 iPhone Screenshots

List view:


Viewing a subscriber profile:



Campaign report detail:



"Recent 5" report cards:



Android screenshots

Widget on your home screen gives you quick stats on your most recent campaign:


Chimp chatter:


Campaign report detail:



List detail:


MailChimp Mobile v2 runs faster and feels smoother than v1, and is absolutely evil if you’re a recovering email stats addict like me. Every time you hit the MailChimp send button, you’ll want to pull up the mobile app to watch your stats on the go. Evil, I tell you.

Download it free:


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