May 12, 2010

Account Status Sasquatch Screen

When we launched v5.1, we included a new "Account Status" page under everyone’s Account settings. It’s basically a place where we send you if Omnivore detects problems with your account. For example, let’s say you send a campaign that, for some reason, got a higher-than-normal abuse complaint rate, or maybe a high bounce rate.  In the past, we would contact customers solely via email. Now, if there are issues with your account, we’ll direct you to the new Account Status page after you log in…

It’s kind of a "sasquatch" page, because most of you will never see it. So here’s what it looks like for someone with a problem:


You’ll notice we provide helpful links, along with buttons to help you resolve the problem.

BTW, this is also where we’ll send you about other issues, like maybe your credit card expiring.

You can jump straight to this page by using the Account nav:


The main reason we built this page is to help set expectations better. In the past, problems with your list might’ve gone unnoticed for a while, until things "hit the fan" and our compliance team reached out with the "we had to shut you down" email. We’ve had too many instances where customers had no idea there were issues with their lists (because they never received, or ignored, the system emails we sent). In other words, they never saw it coming. Now, if we have to send that dreaded email, it won’t be such a shock to customers.


Want to learn about avoiding spam filters and preventing false abuse complaints? Check out this newly revised guide: