May 24, 2006

Abandoned Shopping Cart Recovery Emails

Another nice study from the folks at

They experimented with different emails for recovering sales after people abandon website shopping carts. For instance, if someone backs out of a shopping cart transaction, they immediately send an email asking, "what happened" then another after a few days have passed.

Some of their efforts recovered 4,000 sales for one company, and $8,000 for another. Neat stuff. They also included some sample email templates that you can use, plus 10 best practices.

One key point they make with such campaigns is to focus on customer service. Don’t send emails as "Mr. Pushy Salesguy." Send them as a customer service note, asking if there’s anything you can do to help:

"We noticed that you did not complete your order and we wanted to do everything we can to help. We are concerned that you may have encountered an error while completing your order. How can we assist you?"