Nov 5, 2007

A/B Split Testing Made “MailChimp Easy”

People in the email marketing business (myself included) are always talking about running experiments with your email campaigns. Test different subject lines to see what works best with your subscribers. Test different send dates or times. Test different from names. Test different content.

The most common form of email testing is the A/B Split test. You take your list, split it into 2 random groups, and send two different campaigns (Group A vs. Group B). Later, go back and check your stats. Whichever one got the better open rate (or click rate, or whatever you’re tracking), use those settings on your "real" campaign (learn more about A/B Split tests at Clickz and at

But have you ever actually tried to run an A/B split with your email campaigns? It’s a lot of work! Very few email services even offer A/B testing. If they do, it’s some complex process where you "generate random slice segments" or "even/odd" lists, then setup two separate campaigns, then check results, then send yet another campaign based on what you learned from the test.

Never mind the fact that most small business owners barely have time to send one campaign. The real bummer is you’re supposed to be doing this all the time.

Well, we just made A/B split testing "MailChimp Easy" by automating the entire process. It’s  a pretty unique way of handling things (so unique it’s patent pending), and we think you’ll find this a very useful, powerful tool for optimizing your email marketing.

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