Feb 8, 2008

Aarron Walter Joins MailChimp

Aarron WalterWe’re proud to announce that Aarron Walter has joined the MailChimp team. Aarron’s a usability and web standards guru, and he’s going to be in charge of our information architecture and interface design. No easy task, considering our audience is a rapidly-growing mish-mash of 15,000 small businesses, creative agencies, and large corporations who all want extreme power, and extreme ease of use. Oh, and monkeys.

About Aarron
Aarron’s been a MailChimp user since 2005, and has sent more email campaigns with our product than me. He uses MailChimp for his freelance clients, and he’s also contributed to our API. He’s going to be working with our Lead Engineer (aka "The Chad") on making MailChimp’s interface more powerful, more useful, and less cluttered.

He’s also an author. He’s got a book on "Findability" coming out this month, published by New Riders (New Riders also happens to use MailChimp).

I was going to do an interview here with Aarron, but Jeffrey Zeldman beat me to it.

You can catch Aarron speaking at An Event Apart 2008 in New Orleans.