Mar 12, 2010

A slightly more Automagical SXSW

monkeywrenches-in-a-barrelIt started last Christmas, when I wanted to find some unique gifts for some of my co-workers at MailChimp. As usual, I waited till the very last minute.

So I went to Etsy, searched for "monkey robot" (or something like that) and found the work of Chet Phillips. He does these really cool ‘steam punk’ style monkeys. I bought a bunch of prints that matched my co-workers’ personalities, like this one for our lead engineer and this one for our video guy.

I guess some people around the office really liked them, because our marketing team and DesignLab reached out to Chet and commissioned him to do a 40 foot long banner that’s hanging on a wall at SXSW right now…

Here it is going up:


If you look closely at the mural (and other stuff we’re dropping around SXSW), you’ll find secret little links to, a landing page where we’ve animated Chet’s work:


Make sure you scroll side to side, so you can find "the scariest unicorn ever" as tweeted by one of our friends (who I’m not sure knew that was us!). I think it eventually takes you to a page at MailChimp where we talk about all the stuff that we make "automagic" but this was really just a project for fun.

If you happen to actually be at SXSW, and you use Gowalla, be sure to take the Automagical Jaunt to win the most awesome unicorn-related badge ever:


Update: Here’s Chet’s version of the whole thing on his blog