Aug 9, 2006

$630 mln lost in 2 yrs to email scams

Because of stuff like this:

it’s getting harder and harder for legit email marketers to "cut through the clutter."

We’ve suggested that you look through Newsletter Archive for some good ideas on what to do with your email newsletters.

But you should also look at all the bad stuff out there, so that you’ll know what NOT to do. Here’s where you can look:

  1. Your own inbox.
  2. Top 10 Spam Subject lines from McAfee’s threat center
  3. Top 10 Phishing Scam subject lines from McAfee
  4. Email hoax database from Symantec

If you send emails of a financial nature (investing clubs, local banks, etc), or even if you just happen to be sending an email that has "money" related content, take some time to look at some real life scams. You don’t want your emails to look like this (and get blocked by spam filters).