Oct 22, 2009

6 Spooky Halloween Email Templates

Six free Halloween email templates are now live in MailChimp:

6 free Halloween email templates from MailChimp

6 free Halloween email templates from MailChimp

Learn more about the artists and designers that created them here.

How to use your Halloween templates

We’re already starting to see these templates "in the wild" as people send out their Halloween sales and promotions. If you’d like to use them too, here’s how:

1. Create a campaign

2. When you select your template, click "my templates"

3. Scroll down to "pre-built templates" and you’ll see the Halloween templates:


More holiday email templates to come

We’ve got even more beautiful HTML email templates coming for Thanksgiving and the whole "Christmahanukwanza" season.

Plus, I hear the folks at TemplateZone just added over 300 free holiday email templates for MailChimp customers (more on that soon!).