Sep 17, 2010

5,000 Free Shirts

Last September, we celebrated our brand new Forever Free plan by giving away 1,000 shirts to our fans on Twitter and Facebook. We did the giveaways in batches of 50 or 100, and it generally took less than five minutes for each batch to get snapped up.


People were thrilled to get free shirts, so we’re doing it again this  year, but with a twist. We’re giving away another 1,000 shirts via Twitter and Facebook, and we’re giving away 4,000 inside the app. We think it’s a lot more fun to surprise our customers with unexpected moments of happiness than to buy a zillion ads to promote the release.

I can’t tell you exactly how to win the shirts in the app, but it has something to do with sending campaigns. You’ll know if you win.

We’ll start the Twitter and Facebook giveaways on Monday, so pay close attention if you want to win. These puppies don’t last long. And if you want an inside tip about when the giveaways will be announced, you can always sign up for our promotions list.

It’s a new version of the shirt we gave away last year, printed on the same amazing American Apparel track jerseys. It’s pretty special.