Oct 18, 2011

50 New Email Templates

Update (6/27/17): This post contains information about features and workflows that are no longer available within the MailChimp application. To learn more about MailChimp templates, visit our Knowledge Base.

Here we go again: for this month’s v6.4 release, we’ve got 50 new email marketing templates for you.

A mosaic of email templates

Here’s the rundown:

  • Photography: 11
  • Real Estate: 5
  • Mobile-friendly: 8
  • Holiday / Seasonal: 16
  • Halloween (by Creative Media Farm): 10

With Holidays on the horizon, we’ve expanded our offerings for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s, and we’ll keep on going through November and December.

For October, we’ve added a number of Halloween-related templates. Some of them come from our in-house designers,

Halloween templates by MailChimp
Spiders, bats, and graveyards. What a terrible neighborhood.

but the majority come from our talented friends (and MailChimp experts) at Creative Media Farm, in A Coruña, Spain:

Halloween templates by Creative Media Farm
Lots of fun templates. I’ll have to visit A Coruña and thank them personally. Just as soon as I can convince Ben to send me.

Add these up with our existing Halloween templates, and I think we’ve got most of the paranormal bestiary covered.

It’s not just Halloween we’ve added; there’s also a smattering of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and fall- and winter-themed templates. There are even a couple of templates specifically made for that most riotous of days, Black Friday.

a collection of other holiday templates
We’ve got you early holiday senders covered through the end of the year.

Perhaps you don’t want to send anything holiday related. Maybe you, like me, see all of this Christmas Creep and you despair. Worry not. I’ve got some interesting stuff for you as well, like the new ‘Photography’ templates:

some photography gallery templates
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, you won’t have to type as much. Win-win.

These templates are built for one thing: displaying an array of images. Text is very secondary, and generally reserved for captions and short descriptions. If it’s visually appealing, and you want to show it off, these templates are for you. In fact, you could even use them alongside our new Real Estate templates:

some real estate templates
I mean, everyone knows how good the housing market is right now. Right guys? Uh… guys?

Rounding out the additions for this month are what we’re calling "Mobile-friendly" templates. These templates are built to a 320px width, and are limited to single-column layouts, both properties well-suited to mobile screens:

mobile-friendly templates
Create a list segment for your mobile subscribers and let these babies fly.

These templates come at a time when mobile email readership is booming, but they’re just one way to send to mobile devices. We’re working on adding support for media queries, so those of you who are handy with HTML and CSS will have the option of adding mobile-specific styling to your templates. We’re still researching and experimenting, but I’ll blog more about media queries once our support for the feature is finalized and implemented.


Next month’s collection of templates is already in the pipe. We’ll have more templates from Creative Media Farm, along with some of our own design.