Mar 5, 2009

5-star customer service team at MailChimp

5-star-supportOur customer service team has been tinkering a little bit with our LivePerson reports (that’s the online app we use for our live chat and email support). We’ve found LivePerson is a great way to scale our support team. We’re able to serve over 60,000 users with a customer service team of six.

Anyway, we were just curious how fast we’re able to handle issues by email vs. live chat. Not just take issues. But resolve them. It’s really cool how LivePerson tracks all this for us. We found out that in the month of February:

  • 97.7% of all live chats were resolved in less than 1 hr
  • 100% of all live chats were resolved in less than 2 hrs
  • 43% of all emails were resolved in less than 1 hr
  • 84% of emails were revolved in less than 1 day.

and we noticed that LivePerson automatically monitors our "customer service performance" behind the scenes, and they assign a grade for all their users. Then, if we like our grade, we can generate a little "badge" for our website that shows how many stars we got. Hmmm. So we generated our badge. 5 stars! Woo-hoo! We’re suckers for stars (smiley faces too). Thanks, LivePerson!