Aug 16, 2011

42 New Email Templates

Last month, Aarron showed off 33 new templates that were introduced in the v6.1 release. This month, for v6.2, I’m showing off an additional 42 new templates that are being added to the pre-designed section of the app’s email template library.

A mosaic of email templates

Here’s what we’re adding to the library:

  • RSS-to-email: 9
  • Fitness: 6
  • Technology (iPhone & Android Showcase): 12
  • Restaurant: 15

For this release, our focus was on creating some template variations for a category we felt was very under-represented within the library: restaurants. To that end, five designs were created and three variations for each of those designs were built, for a grand total of 15 templates.

Two restaurant templates
Two examples of restaurant template designs.

These templates allow quite a bit of design leeway to make it easy for you to match your branding, whether you own a coffee shop or a burger bar. While we’re on the subject of entrepreneurship, let’s talk about the new iPhone and Android templates:

An Android template and an iPhone template
Individual templates for Android and iPhone platforms.

Using these guys, you can quickly get a campaign for your new app up and running, using a simple and elegant template design that puts your work up-front and center-stage without you having to expend too much effort.

Maybe you run a small gym or hold yoga classes. If so, boy, are you in luck! We’ve added a new pre-designed category, fitness, and its first batch of templates. You’ll find six templates that let you send out class schedules, news, and featured content to your subscribers:

Two fitness templates
Two template designs for the all-new ‘fitness’ category.

Each template can be easily changed to fit your branding needs while still retaining a nice, clean design that will hold together across email clients.

For those of you who publish RSS content straight into an email campaign, we’ve added a collection of RRS-to-email templates that are easy to style and are pre-filled with the all of the merge tags you need for a solid RSS-based campaign:

Two rss-to-email templates
Two ready-to-go RSS-to-email templates

We’ve also moved our Designer Templates – emails designed by web design titans like Veerle Pieters, Mike Kus, and Matthew Smith – out of their "Premium" section, making them available to everyone for free within the pre-designed library.

Finally, we’ve created an expanded look at our email template gallery, showcasing the hundreds of customizable email templates available within the application, made for everyone from beginners to veterans of HTML email.

Spin those campaigns up and keep an eye out as more templates keep streaming in – we’re not done by a longshot.