Nov 3, 2009

364 Free Holiday Email Templates Available

More than 300 new HTML email templates for the holidays added to MailChimp

364 new HTML email templates for the holidays added to MailChimp

A little while back, we partnered with TemplateZone to provide MailChimp customers with 101 free HTML email templates. It was downloaded over 25,000 times, so we think people are liking this application.

We’re excited to announce that they just added 364 more holiday templates for MailChimp customers, completely free!

All you have to do is go download the holiday add-on pack and install it…

What’s the difference?

Some of you might be wondering why you’d use TemplateZone’s templates instead of the built-in templates already inside MailChimp. The answer is more control. Unlike MailChimp, which is a web application, High Impact Email is desktop software, so it’s easier to handle image-heavy designs with, saaaaaay, diagonal text:


Or designs that have fancy masking:


where you can upload, resize, and crop your own image into the background:


there are some templates that allow you to drop in your own product photos, and text overlays:


How it works

If you’ve never used TemplateZone’s High Impact Email software before, here’s how it basically works:

  1. You download and install the MailChimp-specific TemplateZone software on this page (it’s PC only, but Mac users have 600+ template options detailed here)
  2. If you want the holiday pack, install that as well.
  3. You’ll need to link the software to your MailChimp account. The software will walk you through that during setup.
  4. Pick a template, and customize it within the software.
  5. Pass it over to MailChimp.
  6. Log in to MailChimp, go to the Campaigns screen
  7. Open the campaign you just created in TemplateZone, and hit Send.

Here’s a video tutorial: